Ausblick vom Speicherteich

Hiking at the Erlebnisalm

The most beautiful hiking tours in Mönichkirchen

When the heat pushes in the summer, more and more people yearn for cooling off. It is especially beautiful in the mountains around Mönichkirchen - for example a family trip with a visit to one of the many hospitable huts and businesses

The variety of hiking trails in Mönichkirchen is astounding. From leisurely strolls along gentle hills to challenging summit tours, there is a route to suit every taste and fitness level. You can choose to hike at Hochwechsel at 1,743m above sea level, for an easy walk to Schwaig with a breathtaking panorama view over the surrounding landscape or for one of the many other options. Here, you can simply let yourself be enchanted by the peace and beauty of nature.

Hiking in Mönichkirchen is especially characterised by the excellent infrastructure for hikers. Well-marked hiking trails, informative signs and resting spots along the routes make hiking here a real pleasure.