Scooter and mountain cart rides

Fun and action for the whole family

Austria's first scooter track leads for more than two kilometres along a natural track, through a magnificent forest and meadow landscape. In addition to steep curves, waves and lots of fun, the scooter and mountain cart track also offers optimal safety.

In Mönichkirchen am Wechsel, just an hour from Vienna, children and adults can whizz down the scooter and mountain cart track. You can reach the starting point of the Sonnenberg mountain station either energetically by foot or leisurely with the Sonnenbahn chairlift. Then speed down the mountain by scooter or mountain cart (helmets can be rented free-of-charge at the mountain station).

Two-wheeled action by scooter

With robust wheels made of light aircraft design and two independent drum brakes, this ergonomic scooter is perfect for families. If you want, you can take your child with you on your own scooter. But from a height of 135 cm, the little ones can also whizz down into the valley on their own. That’s if the parents allow it.

Three-wheeled fun by mountain cart

The mountain cart, which looks like a mixture of a go-kart and a toboggan, is also a lot of fun. In addition to the low centre of gravity, the wide wheelbase ensures a good road grip. The carts with dual-circuit disc brakes and an alloy sports rim are available in four sizes (S, M, L, XL). Children can ride with their parents or, if they are taller than 135 cm, they can drive alone.

Here, you can get tickets for the scooter trail

Tickets are conveniently available online or at the Sonnenbahn Mönichkirchen valley and mountain stations. So, if you want to reward your children after a nice hike with a ride on the scooter and mountain cart track, you can whizz down directly from the mountain station.


We recommend wearing sunglasses to protect you from dust. Please store your mobile phone, keys and wallet somewhere safe before the ride.
Sunglasses can be purchased in our shop!

Only in sunshine? Nope!

Mountain carting and scootering can be done even in light rain and clouds. You don't need sunshine for a successful family trip. The best memories are the ones you didn't plan. A bad weather trip to Mönichkirchen will definitely make it into the family album.

(In case of thunderstorms and heavy rain the chairlift is closed for safety reasons).

Tip! The mountain cart and scooter track has even better grip in light rain than in dry conditions.